Finally  amazingly delicious chocolates that are organic with no nasty chemicals only good usable calories a chocoholics dream come true! I just can’t choose a favourite I leave my choice to Leon and I am blown away every time not only the amazing flavours but the decoration are truly something else. 

RT. Milton Keynes 2/5/14

​You can taste the quality in these chocolates, quality ingredients, quality product.

Butcher. Newton Longville.  15/4/14

I must be on my 6th box already over a short space of time, I was never a fan of boxes of chocolates until I had Leon's. The flavours are amazing, definitely no yucky strawberry or orange creams left over in these ones!

SB. Bletchley 24/3/14

Leon's chocolates are handmade to order so you are always getting a fresh delicious product, you can taste the quality and it's reassuring to know there are no nasty's in them, I love them!

EB. Bucks 18/3/14

Leon's chocolates have been a hit with my relatives and friends, I've ordered them for gifts and they have been specially made and ready in good time.

HB. Milton Keynes 29/4/2014

Leon's dog paws are gorgeous and beautifully presented and were a perfect thank you gift for walking my dog

KD. Milton Keynes 2/5/2014

My family all loved their chocolates, there were no negative comments whatsoever - just a wonderful silence as we ate them! Mum's saved the boxes for you as well. Leon did a fantastic job and we were absolutely delighted

KP Bedford 3/6/14

Leon made the most exquisite chocolate heart for my first wedding anniversary. It was a heart shaped box made of solid chocolate with the word love on the chocolates inside and it all came in a red velvet heart shaped box. I am totally delighted and it made my anniversary so special. Thank you Leon, you are fabulous. JJ Milton Keynes 24/08/2014