The Prices


Box of 6       £4.50

Box of 9       £6.50

Box of 12     £8.50

Box of 18   £12.50

Box of 24   £16.50

Box of 48  £25.00

Chocolate Heart Box  £35.00

Bags & Bars

Plain Bars 100gms  £3.00

Flavoured Bars 3 x 40gms  £3.20

Bag of 6 Paws    £3.00

Truffle Box 5   £3.60

Bag of Beans 50gms   £2.60

Bag of Button 50gms  £2.60

​Bag of Bites 50gms    £2.60


 Local Delivery £3.00

(Milton Keynes) 

 Next day delivery via courier: £7.00

(mainland UK only)

Order must be received before 12:00 

Free Delivery on all orders over £50.00


We will contact you on receipt of your order to confirm all the details, provide you with your payment options and details.


Payment on delivery (local)

Payment prior to despatch (national) 


It's Your Choice

Here are some collections that I know complement each other. But I believe you should choose the chocolates that you want.

​It's your collection, so if you don't see your dream box, tell me and I'll create it for you, including just those flavours, shapes and fillings that you desi

LARGE EGG    av.400g           £15-20

(inc box of sm chicks/bunnies)

CHEEKY CHICK   90g           £6.00

 (inc 100g of choc buttons)

SHEEPY                                    £7.50

(choice of accompany eggs)

SITTING BUNNY 400g           £7.50

(choice of accompany egg filling)

GOLD BUNNY     325g            £4.50

SMALL EGG 90g                     £6.00 

(inc 100g of chocolate buttons)

SMALL BUNNIES X3             £4.00

(choice of filling)

SMALL CHICKS X3               £4.00

(choice of filling)

150g BAG OF EGGLETTES  £3.00

(choice of fillings)

      Easter price list