What is Organic chocolate?

It goes without saying that we use only the finest ingredients in our chocolate, one difference is the long conching process of our chocolate that gives it its smooth distinctive flavour, additionally we use organic raw cane sugar, not the case in all organic chocolates, this means that more minerals are retained, compared to refined sugar, also there is no interference with the finest cocoa taste. 

We take care to maintain the highest quality demands of our chocolate, at the same time ensuring that we contribute to the ethical agriculture methods in the countries that supply our organic cocoa, and raw ingredients.

The fundamental principles of ecological agriculture are important to us and apply to the raw materials we use in our chocolate, this is conducive to the  mouth watering  chocolate that we produce.

People are unanimous in agreement to fight for the sustainable use of the rainforests ecosystem, growing cocoa trees helps to preserve the forest, plants, animals and insects that live there. Sustainable growing of cocoa results in the production of the finest bean and guarantees a good income for the small cocoa farmers running organic agricultural projects. 

 Here at Chocolates by Leon we support these projects and only buy from likewise suppliers, so buying our chocolates not only are  you  promoting your own well-being, but also helping to give Latin and African farmers a chance to grow their crops in a healthy manner, and improve their living standards.