Here at chocolates by Leon we live, work and play by one Spartan principle:

  • if its not found in nature then it doesn't go in.

It's that simple. I use only 100% organic, unrefined or sourced-wild ingredients, fillings or decoration. Absolutely nothing - with the exception of cream and butter - is processed. That's my promise to you. It's the philosophy I live by and the reason I started making chocolates. (I would love to be able to use un-pasteurised dairy ingredients, but that is unfortunately not possible.)

All my chocolate is  from organic Peruvian cocoa beans, organic raw cane sugar, organic cocoa butter and organic Madagascan vanilla pods. Nuts are prepared by the Spartan soak and dry method, used by tribal people for hundreds of years. Nuts and seeds contain many enzyme inhibitors designed to keep them in good condition for long periods. By soaking for long periods the nuts are tricked into thinking it's time to sprout, creating a reaction that lowers inhibitors, raises nutrient levels and makes the nut easier to digest. The nuts are then cooked on a low heat for another 12-18 hrs to mimic sun drying, producing a tasty and healthy nut unlike anything in the mass produce market.

All the colours used in my chocolates and designs are made from organic fruit or herbs that I've dried then ground by hand, added to white chocolate  or organic cocoa butter, not only adding lively colours but delicate flavours to the chocolate.

nutritional info.

Organic Dark Chocolate per 100g

Protein - 7.9%

Carbs   - 29.4%

Fat       - 43.3%

Fibre    - 11.4%

Energy -548Kcal

Organic Milk Chocolate per 100g

Protein - 7.2%

Carbs   - 51.9%

Fat       - 55%

Milk fat-5.9%

Fibre     - 1.8%

Energy  - 554Kcal

Organic White Chocolate per 100g

Protein - 6.5%

Carbs   - 54.1%

Fat        - 36%

Milk fat - 6.5%

Fibre   - 0%

Energy   - 571Kcal