About Chocolates by Leon

My Passion

At the height of my career as a chef, I suffered a debilitating spinal injury and thought my days of creating amazing food were finished, however my spirit and passion endured.  
After a hard fight back to some semblance of mobility, I'm able to spend just enough time on my feet to feed my passion for food and creativity and your taste for fabulous chocolates.

My Experience

With nearly twenty years in the catering industry under my belt, creating food at four-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, and brassieres before my accident, I understand only too well that food makes you what you are. 
​Healthy and good nutrients can not only help prevent illness but aid recovery.
So it was that I first created my 100% organic and wholesome chocolates for the love of my life, Rachael, after being unable to find any without additional preservatives, colours or sweeteners.